Who is Sunconfex? | Improved Screen

Who is Sunconfex?

It took the R&D department of Sunconfex years to perfect the Improved Screen. Thus making Sunconfex the only producer in the world offering this total package. Since 2005, Sunconfex is one of the largest and most prominent players in the European made-to-measure sun protection textile. Sunconfex is proud to be the in-house supplier to the five leading manufacturers of sun screen systems in Europe. We can hardly conceive a better reference.

Sunconfex produces on its centrally located sites in Belgium (Ypres) and Germany (Jettingen-Scheppach/Bavaria) more than 500.000 m2 textile blinds per year. It goes without saying that we are particularly delighted about this. But what is more important is that our products meet the highest quality standards and our service is impeccable. Today and tomorrow.

We only work with the best possible textiles and make use of the most advanced production methods. Our continuous R&D efforts thereby constantly raise the bar and result in patents, such as Visitex, ZipFix, ClickOn and Improved Zip Technology, and now also Improved Screen.