Innovation | Improved Screen


By working with the best textiles and the most advanced production methods, Sunconfex was able to market four advanced technologies. Improved Zip Technology, Visitex hem bar attachment, ClickOn click piping and ZipFix mounting profile. This constant flow of innovations was repeatedly European patented (or pending).

The technology behind improved screen

  • Improved Zip Technology
    Improved Zip Technology
Improved Zip Technology

Sunconfex has succeeded to apply the newly developed zip tape for welding the zip to the fabric. Although the zip tape is clearly thinner than before, the adhesion of the zip has remained just as strong. We have been able to achieve this by applying an improved type of glue (directly impregnated into the fibres) and an improved tape weaving technique, with thinner threads and more attachment points. The consequence of applying Improved Zip Technology is that the unsightly bulges which can form in the fabric, to the left and right of the side channels, usually over the entire height, are a thing of the past.

  • Visitex

Our Visitex fastening system allows the bottom bar to be fixed to the fabric without a visible seam. This is a small visual detail that helps give Sunconfex fabric covers their characteristically clean-lined and modern look. Visitex fastening system – patent pending

  • ClickOn

ClickOn is a technology for fastening the screen to the upper roller, combining two important benefits. The plug & play principle ensures that the fabric can be attached to the upper roller much more quickly than with traditional systems. The profile is clicked into place on the fabric roller in one simple movement. ClickOn also uses a specially welded, ultrafine plastic profile that is mounted to the upper edge of the fabric. This reduces to a minimum the thickening that occurs when the fabric is rolled up, meaning that the horizontal impression lines are significantly reduced.

  • Zipfix

The newly developed ZipFix Fastening Profile has obvious advantages, both for the manufacturer and the end-user. With this cloth tube attachment system, the manufacturer benefits from an assembly process which is much faster than with a traditional spline. The advantage for the end-user is that this system does not leave visible, horizontal impression lines on the fabric.