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Improved Screen

What is Improved Screen?

Sunconfex perfected four technologies to achieve the ultimate result: the Improved Screen. This outdoor screen fits neatly and securely to the window in all circumstances: both at the top and bottom and along the side channels.

Advantages of Improved Screen

Always tight

Side guides always guarantee a tight sunscreen fabric.  

No wrinkles or impression lines

Unsightly bulges or impression lines on the fabric no longer affect the appearance of the fabric.

Architectural appearance

With a wide choice of structures and colours, the screen becomes a practical and beautiful addition to any home.

How do I recognise a real Improved Screen?

How do I recognise a real Improved Screen?

You often get annoying impression lines when unrolling rolled up sunscreen fabric after a certain period of time. Not with Improved Screen! Unsightly bulges are now a thing of the past. The fabric is attached beautifully tight, with no visible weld seam.

You will also recognise an Improved Screen by the label proving that you have opted effectively for the sleekest outdoor screen on the market. Each home will now be able to enjoy the renowned Sunconfex quality.

Technology behind Improved Screen